Four Design Bookshelf Awesome to Your Modern Home

You get bored with the arrangement of bookshelves like a library? Currently you can make a bookshelf as a decoration to beautify your room. In fact, today the bookcase is one that always exist in the interior of modern house. Besides as a repository of books, bookshelves can also display your personality and uniqueness that you have to put the various collections of antique and unique to you.

Crossed Bookshelf design By Philip Jackson

Although it seems simple, bookcase designed by Philip Jackson has a distinct advantage. The ultra-slim shape is very suitable for use in various rooms. Its location is not attached to the floor is very beneficial to you because height can be adjusted with the harmony of the room. For example, to put the television so that its height can be adjusted to your comfort watching television. In addition, a high shelf layout also makes it possible to put items that are not easily accessible by children.

Bookshelf Design by Nuvola

Bookshelf by Nuvola is one unique option for your room. The material is made of clear glass is different from the shelf mostly made of wood. This shelf is very appropriate to put your collection of antiques.

Design Bookshelf Piquant

Piquant bookshelf design is aimed at those who want a bookcase that holds a lot of books without leaving the impression of boring. The design can be adapted to the room, providing a dynamic appeal. Another advantage of the bookcase is able to withstand heavy loads so you can put all the collections of books to bookcase

Design Bookshelf Pendola

Design Bookshelf Pendola give the impression of a classic and minimalist. The Position that attached to the wall and consists of several sections allows you to arrange it in a way to matches the theme of your home.

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