9 Inspiration Color for Kitchen Cabinet

The number of colors that can be chosen for your kitchen cabinet is endless. But you can get inspired color by using simple parameters, such as themes and tastes in combining colors. Here are nine color options which could be a reference for you.

1. Luxurious Purple

To make your kitchen look elegant room with a purple color, you should have a great concern for the other colors will be combined with the purple color to your kitchen design. Here are some kitchen space by using the color purple may be your choice.

2. Modern Grey

Gray color may look unremarkable and sometimes look boring. However, gray can also reveal an impression of elegance and  modern

3. Brilliant Blue

Blue is the favorite color because with a bit of this color, your kitchen will look beautiful, vigorous and visible light. Teal color, turquoise, robin's egg, navy, and cyan are adopt a list of blue color. The blue color also can add positive energy.

4 . Spalsh Orange

Orange color can give warm feeling to your kitchen cabinet. Just like purple, orange is the color that has to be balanced with other colors. Combine orange color with shades of gray, white or blue to get the optimum blend of colors

5 Quiet  White

White is soft color. white color can also highlight the strong appeal to your kitchen cabinet.

6. Decisive Black

combination black with white on your kitchen cabinet is the choice of a classic design that will never disappoint. more daring idea is to use black and red as this color to  your kitchen seem dashing and lust. Take a look at some inspiring black kitchen cabinet that we provide.

7 Fresh Green color

Coloring your kitchen with green color will create a fresh atmosphere. The green color also gives the impression of a natural.

8. Enchanting Yellow

Kitchen cabinet in yellow would look stunning when combined with white stone table or organic wood table. Mixing the color with bright colors such as green or red. You can also try mixing it with black

9. Red Dare

Red can give the atmosphere of the spirit. This color is suitable for classical design, retro or contemporary. You can try to combine it with black or white to make it look balanced.

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